Thursday, October 30, 2014

National Cat Day

Yesterday morning it was ALL OVER the news and social was apparently National Cat Day!  Says who, I have no idea, but it was.  Since I have a cat this was a huge deal so I decided to bust out one of my cat themed garments.  Yes, that is plural. 

I (a.k.a. Mrs. Cyclops Eye) picked this out as a Christmas present from my mom a few years ago.  It is not as neglected as some of the crap you have already seen but I haven't worn it since last winter so it's almost in the "if you haven't worn in for a year get rid of it" parameters.  Which is NOT happening because it's a cat sweater. 

It is from LOFT.  I don't think I am alone in my feelings toward LOFT cardigans, which is that they are some of the best for the price.  I think my sister, who until recently giving birth was rapidly climbing in an office setting, had one in every single color and style and that is no exaggeration.  Back in my office days I often received compliments on my mix and matching skills and intrigue about how I had so many colors to coordinate.  My office was generally casual (like wear whatever you want and some people wore sweatpants casual) with some business casual days when visitors from other offices came.  It wasn't hard to stand out in a place where a lot of people considered business casual to include wearing khakis instead of sweatpants with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes and I loved getting compliments on my clothes.  It was a way to deal with the daily monotony.  They came from my close group of about 10 co-workers, people I didn't know from around the office, and once the IT guy even told me he liked me coat.  Yes, a married IT man who wore the same three polo shirts in rotation noticed my coat.  It is still one of my most treasured compliments (regarding superficial things like clothing, that is.)
That was years ago now but there is no denying that I feel more on top of things when wearing something slightly pulled together instead of gym clothes. 

And here is the cat of the day himself, Allan, doing what he does best and laying around like a pile. 

Here he is a few weeks ago, squishing himself into a too small empty box, which is a favorite hobby of his.

Here's a cute one of him looking his best back in 2013 at our old house. 
And here I am in my other cat shirt on my 30th birthday in 2013.  It's a more subtle pattern.
With a closet like mine, National Cat Day could happen every week!

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