Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beach Cover Up

Over the weekend was my nephew's baptism.  Justin and I are his sponsors!  I didn't know what to wear.  October is a strange month for clothes because it is kind of too cold for sandals and bare legs but it's not that cold.  Oh, the problems.  I thought maybe I would wear a pair wide leg dress pants and a shirt and cardigan from my old work clothes assortment but...the pants barely fit.  They have a high waist so everything was contained but it was so tight I could barely stand to wear them for a few minutes let alone imagine sitting through a church service and reception afterwards in them. 

A few weeks ago an outfit on Pinterest caught my eye (yes, I know, more Pinterest.  This isn't a Pinterest challenge. I promise.  Other people are doing that.).  It stood out to me because I actually have items similar to everything in the picture down to the necklace.
Hey! I have basically all of the elements of this outfit! And I was thinking I'd be putting my black dress away til spring... :)

I think I need to work on my posing skills. 
The item that I pulled out of obscurity is the dress, which is actually a beach cover up from Old Navy.  I first obtained it back in March 2012, which, if you know me you know my son was born in March 2012.  It happened that Justin was a groomsman in a wedding when Ben was 2.5 weeks old.  The groom was our good friend from college who also moved to Bismarck around the time we did so I actually really wanted to go and didn't want to use the baby as an excuse to skip it.  Of course, I was still post baby/C-section bloated and could have passed for 5 months pregnant.  Nothing fit.  The following week we went skiing (yes, I did that too!) with my family and my ski pants didn't even fit.  For the wedding, I needed something I could nurse and pump in and when I tried this black dress on the low scoop neck in the front and back and stretchy fabric seemed like they would work.  I was relieved because if you ever think you need nursing tops and dresses be warned that they are awful.

Here we are at that wedding.  I can still imagine Ben that night and how cute he looked and how I was worried the loud music would upset him.  I was able to consume my first post pregnancy beer (heaven!) and seeing many of our old friends was exhilarating but overall I was delirious and out of sorts and still getting used to the idea that I was going to be hauling a diaper bag and car seat around with me for the indefinite future.  In case my eyes don't get that across in the picture...
So the dress isn't really old compared to many of my garments but I haven't worn it for awhile.  I wore it again to a rehearsal dinner a few weeks later when Ben was six weeks old and I was a friend's personal attendant and I also wore it to my sister in law's bachelorette party when I was two months pregnant with Tessa (and already showing).  So, basically, it should have been stored away with my maternity clothes and nursing bras.  Lucky for me, this weekend it came out into the light! 

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