Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I admit that I, as a 31 year old mother, still own a few items from Abercrombie & Fitch.  I probably will never again since the only branch in North Dakota, the one in West Acres Mall in Fargo, is now closed.  I think the company has taken a few hits since the CEO said the company only was interested in selling to skinny attractive people and that they purposely made the clothes too small for anyone over...well they are pretty much too small for me except for the men's zip up sweatshirt that I like to wear from there.  So any woman over a size 8 with a bust over...well anyone with any bust at all.  Also, all the conservative types got ticked because all of their advertising featured naked guy's with their pants a millimeter away from showing "everything" and topless ladies with exposed side boob even though the company was supposedly advertising clothing.

But, back in 2009, I entered came upon a rock bottom red line sale there where all the $70 sweaters and sweatshirts were selling for $9.99 and purchased this sweatshirt tunic thing along with a few cute tank tops.

I really like this shirt.  One good thing is that it doesn't scream "Abercrombie" because it just says 1892 New York on it.  It is a good length for coverage and I like the wide neckline.  What makes me not like it is the off white color, which does nothing for my skin tone and also hides nothing, as you can see around my lower waist area there (why can't it be black? WHYYYYY?).  Also, since it is like a sweatshirt it feels like I want my arms covered but putting another sweatshirt or sweater over it is weird.  It's just kind of a strange garment.  I forgot about it because it ended up shoved in the very back of my short sleeved t-shirt drawer.  It's not really a t-shirt's a sweatshirt...except it has short sleeves...ugh... 
In other very big news, Tessa has taken a few steps!  Justin saw it happen a few days ago (I was in the basement cleaning the cat box.  Yeah).  I saw it for the first time last night!  She's a big girl who apparently loves scarves!  She found this one in my room and came out with it looped around herself!

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