Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dr. Scholl's

Yesterday there was news of temperatures in the 70's (78 to be specific!) which for here in October is very warm and also probably the last time we will feel that warmth until April (maaaaybe) or May of next year.  I decided to give my Dr. Scholl's  exercise sandals their only spin of  the summer.  Do you know why I have not worn them this summer?  Wait for it...I couldn't find one of them in my house.  One sandal was with my other sandals and I couldn't find the other one.  Like a hoarder.  Yes, I lose crap in my own house and closets.  It turned up in September when I was looking for shoes to wear to my cousin's bachelorette party in my "fancy shoe" box which is still a box shoved in my closet even though we moved here over a year ago.  Somehow they got split up in the move and the other sandal was at the bottom of a box full of high heeled slingbacks and wedges.

Glad to see you together again sandals!  I love these sandals and also have a nude pair that I have had for about 10 years.  I have had the soles (not the wood part, the thin sole under the wood) replaced on them and these could use new ones too.  I bought the purple ones in 2010. If you are unfamiliar, these wood soled sandals have been around for years.  Dr. Scholl developed them in the late 1960s and the design of the sole is supposed to tone your legs as you walk, although I always question how well shoes that are supposed to cause you to exercise actually work...
Does anyone remember the toning shoe trend of the late 2000's? 
I often get comments and compliments from women older than myself about how they used to wear Dr. Scholl's sandals and wondering where I found them in these modern times.  You can even spot a brown pair of them in a few of my baby photos because my mom had them back in the summer of 1983.  My old pair was purchased at a fancy department store (by fancy I mean a store we don't have in ND such as Nordstrom) and my new pair was purchased from Zappos or perhaps the Dr. Scholl's website.  I haven't seen these in a store for many years but there is a huge selection online and from what I read on the Dr. Scholl's website it seems that a new collection comes out every year. 
The website called these sandals "an icon of effortless style and natural beauty."  Well, if you insist, Dr. Scholl!

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