Sunday, November 2, 2014

31 Day Wrap Up and Halloween

It's November now, which means the 31 Day Challenge is over.  I missed Halloween because I was babysitting two other kids in addition to my own that day and after they left it was supper time and Halloween time!  I have one final look that was meant for that day:

That is a long sweater with a cowl neck circa 2009 worn by a person who, after a month, still takes pretty bad pictures of herself in the mirror.   Here I am wearing it on a trip to Red Lodge, MT for New Years 2010. 
It is hard to get an idea of the color in the pictures but it is dark green.  I like dark shades of green because I believe it is a flattering color for me to wear as long as it is modern and not straight out of the 90's when everything was decorated in hunter green and maroon. 
I also threw on an older pair of boots that I don't wear very often for a trip to Target so I could fit two rediscoveries into one day. 

These are Franco Sarto boots that my sister and I purchased (yes, we each bought a pair that matched) for $30.00 on clearance several years ago.  It was probably 2011.  I have hardly worn them.  I don't have a problem with them.  I just like my other boots better.  Between these and my Fryes, these will usually lose. They are a bit dressier though, so I will probably keep them around for occasions where I might appreciate dark brown boots. 
Regarding the challenge, I wrote posts for 23 of the 31 days of the month (24 if you count this post, but it shouldn't because it's November).  That's not very good but at least I featured two items in several posts so I was close to 31 rediscovered garments.  I could probably continue doing this for another month because there is still a lot of crap in my closet to unearth.  I didn't really get into many accessories or dressier clothes.  For any extra visitors out there who read my posts during 31 days, and from comments I know there was a few of you, thanks for reading!  I enjoyed reading several other Fashion and Beauty categories myself.  The challenge is a fun idea. 
And here's a Halloween bonus:   

Novelty socks that I have had since high school!  I can't remember exactly how old they are, but I graduated in 2001 so they could very well be from the 90's.  I retrieved them from my old bedroom at the farm during a purge. 
We had a fun Halloween.  Ben was a Spiderman and Tessa was a pumpkin.  They were both really tired and crabby and we tried to take cute outdoor pictures but the weather was freezing (of course it is 60 degrees today, go figure) and they would not sit together so the pictures all look similar to this one:

And this one:

Notice Ben's capri length pants on that costume.  He had to wear some of Tessa's leg warmers on his ankles to keep warm when we went out.

We drove around to some friend's houses for trick or treating and Ben actually seemed to understand the concept this year so that was kind of fun.  I am still enjoying his candy. 
Of course, no Halloween would be complete without the annual cat costuming tradition. 

I looked for a new costume for him on clearance at the mall today there was nothing left except dog ones.  A dog XS fits him but what was left was very clearly dog oriented so the pumpkin will carry on for next year. 

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