Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Fall isn't fall without a series of fun photos of kids frolicking at a pumpkin patch, among changing leaves and hay bales.  Or, that's what everyone on Facebook and Pinterest would have you believe.  So of course, that is what we did.  Last Thursday our nephews came to visit because it was ND Teacher's Convention and there was no school for a few days.  We went to this pumpkin patch last year too, and Ben loved it.   This is a flashback to last year. 
Look at that little 18 month old baby!
Here is the big boy today.  I realized when looking at the old album that we went on October 16th last year and also this year!  So these were taken exactly one year from each other.

Tessa hung out with Auntie Michelle instead of playing in the corn.  The kernels would have been shoveled into her mouth in no time.

There are little miniature bird houses like this all over the property.  They are cute!

Everyone picked out a pumpkin even though the selection was dwindling. 

As you can see there are some left but compared to last year there are barely any.  I heard that they sold out by the time the weekend was over.  This is what it looked like last year:

Tessa looked so cute in the leaves. 

Then she got bored!

Ben and I climbed a pyramid of bales.  That is Justin down there in the black jacket.

Dylan and Blake did the zip line.  I wish I could have done it but I think there was a weight limit!

Ben took a pony ride.  Another activity that probably had a weight limit...

We got a few nice family pictures. 
The cousins!

I thought these rainbow colored squash were pretty cool. 

Time to go! 

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