Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gym Gear

It's not exactly winter coat time, and even when it is I try to put off actually wearing one as long as possible by layering sweatshirts, sweaters and vests and just being kind of cold when I am running between my vehicle and whatever door I am aiming for.  Coat season is long enough as it is.  This week, it has been very autumnal in the mornings which prompted me to grab a sweatshirt off of my disheveled mess of a sweatshirt shelf.  Sweatshirts, along with screen print t-shirts, are something that I kind of feel too old for but they just 

I have a few favorites that I seem to always grab which means they are always on the top of the piles which means I always grab them again.  This morning I decided to break the cycle and reached into the bottom of the pile.  I came out with this bright turquoise Under Armour zip up that I have had since 2010 or maybe even 2009. 

There is absolutely no reason for this shirt to be on the bottom of the pile.  It's one of my favorite colors, it's warm, and it is made of some sort of super synthetic space age fabric that never fades or wears out.  I think it fell out of favor during my pregnant times because it is slim fitting, even in the shoulders and arms and it felt too constricting.  But now it feels OK again.  Good thing I saved it!

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