Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Where Plaid Shirts Go...

Yesterday I pulled out this bright green and purple and orange flannel shirt. 

You are probably wondering, since this is third post about a plaid shirt and the fourth where one was included in the outfit if I have a problem and if my closet is a place where cheap plaid shirts go to die.  Or, if not to die, at least to disappear into obscurity.  I am realizing that the answer might be "yes".  I have several more that are not old and neglected and that I like to wear regularly. 
I usually wear them with a few buttons buttoned but I am seeing them everywhere being worn open kind of like a cardigan.  Actually, yesterday I put mine on after I was swimming at the Y and when I went to get Ben and Tessa from the drop in child care I realized that two of the teachers there were wearing the same look. Except they looked cuter.  
I was kind of going for something like this.  So, you know, when I paused out on the street to lean against a railing and tousle my hair while striking a pose I might look like this. 
plaid shirt, boyfriend jeans, converse. - i can do this, i have all the pieces of this look
Alas, with the outdated cut of my shirt I felt like I looked more like Frankie Heck from "The Middle". 
No offense to Frankie or Patricia Heaton since I love them both and that show and also I love "Everybody Loves Raymond".  But on "The Middle" Patricia Heaton plays a typical Midwestern mom, which I guess is what I am, and I am not sure I want to embrace that identity in every aspect of my style!
I think I will hold on to this shirt, at least through this winter.  I kind of wish it wasn't flannel because the bright colors make it feel more like a spring look to me.  I will probably try to wear to wear it buttoned and if I keep ignoring it I will probably eliminate it in the spring.

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