Monday, October 27, 2014

Back From Wedding Chaos

I am back from my break, necessitated by travel to two weddings over the weekend.  When we were travelling on Thursday I chose to wear some old items from my closet, including this black ruffled shirt from Loft.

I bought this in 2012 in the fabulous Las Vegas.  On our last morning there my plane left around lunch time and everyone else's plane left before dawn so I had all morning to myself.  I shopped and then, when I knew I had limited time to work with, decided to sit down at my favorite slot machine (It had a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme).  It was there that I proceeded to win $150.00 and drink about five complimentary bottles of beer before getting in a taxi for the airport.  It felt pretty strange being in Vegas completely alone for a whole morning but I think I made the most of it. 
I stopped wearing this shirt because when I tried it on after my second pregnancy it hit my stomach in the very worst place and left a "spare tire" between my waistband and the bottom of the shirt.  Even a tank underneath didn't help.  I'm glad I tried again all these months later because it looks a lot better now. 
I also tried out an old pair of jeans.  These were purchased at Old Navy on clearance for the rock bottom price of $7.00 back in 2009.  They are wide leg and have patch pockets on the front as well as the back (you will NEVER catch me wearing jeans with no pockets in the back!)  Regardless of their cheapness, I wore these often to my old job. 

It was hard to take a good picture of my own pants.  This one makes me look pretty slim but it is just a flattering angle.  They were quite tight and not as comfortable as I remember them being.  But, since they actually button I will be keeping them until until all the dye fades away, which seems to be the difference in cheap jeans and expensive jeans.  These were very dark when I bought them.  I will also be keeping the shirt. 
The weddings were good.  I will post a wedding entry later but here is a preview.

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