Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Necklace Shirt

Yesterday I wore a shirt that I have had for a long time, longer than I can remember, and I can't even think a time I have worn it.  It is DKNY, and was purchased from a seasonal clearance rack at Macy's. 

It was when looking at these pictures that I realized the mirror needs some Windex.  I didn't notice because this is actually the "kids" bathroom and not where anyone normally does the usual mirror splashing activities.  I do wash my hands here all the time so I'm sure I splashed water around while rushing to remedy some toddler catastrophe in the living room. Either way, next time it will not look like that.  Anyway, back to the shirt.  I have nothing against this shirt and actually think it is really fun.  The difficult thing about it is the strange asymmetrical cut.  It's hard to see in the picture but it is short in the front and longer on the sides and back.  It also has a weird little gather in the back.  I like to wear cardigans with sleeveless shirts unless it is the hot months of summer and this one would look weird with a cardigan because of the unusual details.  This is another one of those garments that I thought seemed a bit maternity before I actually knew what real maternity clothes were like.  When Ben saw me in it he called it a "necklace shirt" which I thought was cute of a two year old to notice.  Also, you may notice that my hair looks different.  I got a hair cut!  That's why it look so salon polished.
I chose a sleeveless shirt to wear yesterday because:
For those of you who are reading from the 31 Day Challenge who haven't figured it out, I live in North Dakota.  A few days ago I spent several hours outside tailgating and freezing because it was 40 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon.  This rollercoaster of conditions is typical seasonal weather here.  But, we just enjoy what we get!  I took the babies out to play in the pile of leaves under our single tree yesterday afternoon. 

The following shall enter into my favorite pictures ever album along with various other cute baby pictures and many hilarious party photos from college. 

There was nothing scary going on here and I had cleared a little patch of grass for her head so leaves wouldn't tickle her.  I guess she just didn't want to lay down by her brother although it looks like she sees an approaching air raid or something.

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