Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mystery Jacket

Yesterday I unearthed a jacket that I bought in 2008, back when  was in my third year of law school.  I remember finding this oddball, the only one at Old Navy, and thinking it was kind of weird but maybe it would be useful.  And useful it was.  I wore it so many times with different shirts because it would just make them look more like an outfit.  I remember wearing it on my birthday when I went to watch Hilary Clinton and President Obama speaking in Grand Forks (it was an election year and I was hoping Oprah or Bruce Springsteen or some other famous democrat might show up on the campaign trail but they didn't!).  I think it probably fell out of favor because I just got tired of it. 

It is just a single layer of windbreaker material.  I don't know if you would call it an anorak or a moto style jacket or what.  It has some cute details though.  I am posing like that so you can see more of the pockets (not so my arm looks smaller!).

I always thought the snaps were unique and I also like the snaps on the shoulders.  The whole thing seems quite out of character for Old Navy in the way that it has so many little details.  It seems very in character for Old Navy in that it has no lining or signs of extra quality.  That's OK though, since the arms are already slippery inside and I wouldn't wear this for warmth anyway. 
I probably will keep this for a long time and will probably start wearing it more often again. 
Also, this is a major deviation from the challenge, but we are leaving this afternoon for a wedding rehearsal dinner, and have the wedding tomorrow, and have another wedding on Saturday which happens to be my cousin's wedding!  Due to the fact that the weddings are in two different cities that are several hours apart, neither of which is where we live, and the fact that we have a family wedding we have no choice but to drag our kids with us all over the state for the next three days (fortunately, we have family meeting us both evenings so the kids don't have to go the wedding receptions and dances).  So, even though I might have been able to bring my computer to use tomorrow during the day or something, with them on the trip it's just not happening.  So I'm out until Sunday.  I will maybe try to wear some old jewelry or accessories over the weekend so I have something to show and so I have an excuse to show off the NEW shoes and dresses I will be wearing! 

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