Monday, October 6, 2014

A Pinterest Attempt

So...last week I saw  cute outfit on Pinterest and thought, "I think I can put together something similar!" This is the outfit:
Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots
Now, promise not to laugh, here is my take on it. 

OK...not bad I know.  Not quite as sophisticated and effortless...but oh well.  I knew my version would have brighter colors since that oatmeal color the girl in the picture is wearing is not allowed in my closet except maybe as pants or shoes.  The rediscovered item in this look is the striped tshirt.  It is from Gap, and I haven't worn it very often.  One reason, I think, is because it's just so boring!  The other reason is that it has these weird rolled up muscle shirt style sleeves that are kind of thick.  My shoulders are not really narrow so I think a muscle shirt style tank isn't my best look. 

The day I wore this (Friday) I happened to coordinate with Tessa! 

I actually kind of think her outfit is cuter than mine.  If she was wearing a flowing cardigan and ankle boots she would have nailed it. 

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Jamie said...

Lol! Love this. Just found you through 31 days. Just cleaned out my closet and realized i have nothing left to wear but one pair of jeans and a whole lot of pjs. :)