Monday, October 13, 2014


OK, I know I have not kept up with the challenge.  My excuse is that it was NDSU Homecoming this weekend and on Sunday my husband was helping my dad on the farm and we didn't get home until 10:30 pm.  Then I was all ready to post this morning and I decided to finally run the update my computer has been pestering me about for days and it took HOURS. 

So I didn't have a good outfit to post from the weekend because I was wearing NDSU clothes and all of those are in full rotation already.  BUT...I recently was able to have some baby free shopping time and I found these shoes at GAP for a very discounted price:

I am including them as a rediscovery because that specific style of shoe is one that I spent many summers of my childhood wearing.  Ahhh...canvas slip ons...Every summer around the time that school let out we would head to the shoe department of Target and my sister and  would try on some elastic tethered canvas shoes.  Sometimes they were like my new ones with the little elastic inserts and sometimes they were lace ups that we would wear without the laces. In the 90's there was an unfortunate period of time where people used "puffy paint" and other fabric paints to create their own t-shirts and other fashions.

It happened on more than one occasion that I attended a girls birthday party or bible camp session where we were asked to bring a pair of canvas shoes to paint.  EEEEEK.  I know.  What were we thinking. 

I look forward to creating updated looks with these sans puffy paint.  I don't really love wearing light pink by my face (It's light pink enough on its own!) but I like the color so these will be a fun way to incorporate it. 

Changing the subject, Homecoming was fun.  The weather was beautiful and it's always fun to reunite with the college friends.  And of course, our usual tailgating was in full swing.  A few weeks ago a friend from our tailgating group was posting articles about how at the dignified old Universities in the South (like Ole Miss for example) people treat tailgating as a fancy affair and festoon their tailgating spreads with chandeliers, tablecloths, and fancy bouquets of flowers.  To be funny, my mom ordered a cheap champagne fountain on Amazon so we could have our own...umm...classy tailgating spot. 

It is so "economical" that you can't actually put carbonated beverages in it so we had to do reverse mimosas with the orange juice in the fountain. 

Ben and Tessa had a good day with minimal baby and toddler drama.  After the game I was able to visit my favorite NDSU establishments and have a night with my friends kid free.  It was  Homecoming dream come true. 

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