Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piece of Crap

The day I wore the Dr. Scholl's I also picked out an old and neglected shirt to wear.  This was it:

I believe bought this after Ben was born because it is a size larger than my usual Old Navy size.  It was buried in my long sleeve but not worthy of a hanger drawers and I know it has been there since before my second pregnancy.  I thought it was a sure thing because I love boring t-shirts like this for every day wear so I shoved it in my gym bag to wear after I went swimming.
I don't know if I'm the only one who notices this (I know my sister and I have discussed it before) but sometimes it seems like cheap t-shirts like this can change shape.  When I put this on it did not look flattering.  It hit my waist right at the thickest spot so I looked really lumpy and the sleeves were short.  Like they shrunk.  And I know, I could have gained weight, but this was a different kind of ill fitting than just being too small.  I don't know, I think cheap cotton is a shape shifter.  Although, I have several Old Navy and other cheap brands of t-shirts that I have had for years and this hasn't happened to.  Maybe it has to do with not being worn and washed for a long time. 
I changed quickly after I got home.  I hated the pictures of myself in it so I just took a picture of it on its own.  I hope you believe me when I say I did wear it and people in public even saw it!

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