Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1 of Rediscovering My Closet

So, it is October 1st which means it is day 1 of my challenge to rediscover the forgotten wardrobe that is in the depths of my closet!  I decided to do this during the last week of September so I have already been rediscovering it so the first few items are from the past few days. 

When thinking about trying to reincorporate "obsolete" items back into my every day wardrobe I couldn't help but think of a favorite magazine of mine.  That magazine is Harper's Bazaar, the magazine of high end designer fashion, spreads of outrageous looks straight from the runway, and articles about the glamorous and mysterious lives of famous fashion designers and models.  Speaking of models, there is not an average every day woman to be found in the pages.  In other words, the whole magazine has nothing to do with the life of a regular woman such as myself.  That is what makes it fun!  Who cares if the cheapest item in the whole magazine is usually a cashmere t-shirt that costs $295.00? 

My favorite features in Harper's are the "Fabulous and Any Age" section where there are a few looks for women in every decade from their 20's to 70+ and my ultimate favorite, the "Buy, Keep, Store" page.  "Buy, Keep, Store" is a page of all the latest trends, which usually are relegated to "Store" months before we see the low price point residual of them as the newest thing at Loft and Old Navy.  What I always wondered was what "store" actually means.  It seems that the kinds of ladies who can afford every new trend from Hermes and Carolina Herrera and Prada have some sort of mystical storage room of a closet that has infinite capacity for when fringe or Lucite accents or prairie style or color blocking inevitably comes back into the "buy" spotlight.  It fascinates me. 

Well, I, like everyone who reads this that I know of, don't have that kind of life.  My "store" is my modest walk in closet and overstuffed drawers.  And they are overstuffed, alright...

This brings me to my first rediscovery which I was wearing the day I read about the 31 Day Challenge.  This Coca Cola screen print t-shirt is from Old Navy and was most certainly purchased on clearance.  I believe I bought it when I was pregnant with Ben as a way to get a shopping fix when I was too big to really be buying anything. 

The reason I pulled it out is because I have been seeing screen print t-shirts featured in a lot of looks on Pinterest and I feel like I might like to wear them again.  I wore them a lot when I was a college student but since decided they might be too juvenile.  I am envisioning a look similar to the ones below:
Hearts aren't my thing but I like this look. 
 graphic tee, moto jacket, distressed jeans, & heels #fallfashion
Anyone want to buy me a leather moto jacket like the one above?  They are about $300. I kind of envision myself dressing like Bruce Springsteen in the 70s minus the scuzzy looking hat:
I don't really know why Coca Cola t-shirt has barely been worn and has absolutely not been worn since before I was pregnant with Tessa.  Part of the reason is because I don't often wear white because of staining potential from deodorant and sunblock and also kids.  Also, I don't love a high crew neck like that.  But I'm glad I found this shirt...I will wear it more often.
Also, if you are a male who looks at this blog (I don't think there are any besides my dad and Justin) I apologize for the exceedingly feminine subject matter that will be coming.  I will still show pictures and tell stories about what goes on around here every day when I can fit it in. 

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