Monday, September 29, 2014

Zucchini Season is OVER!

We pulled up our lone zucchini plant over the weekend.  By the end of the summer I am generally glad to see that particular plant go, even though I do enjoy eating zucchini.  As we have in previous years, we left a zucchini on the vine just for fun to see how gigantic it would get.  Here is this year's specimen in all it's glory:

It's about the size of Tessa!  I weighed it on our digital scale by holding it and then subtracting my own weight and it said 12 pounds.  I think it is more than that though.  That method is not very accurate on our digital scale.  Allan weighs twelve pounds and it is definitely more than him.  I looked up the world record holder for the largest zucchini and it was won in 2005 by a zucchini raised in a garden in Canada that was 7 feet and 10.3 inches long.  Ours is tiny compared to that.  Maybe next year...Justin heard that if you slice open the vine of a pumpkin and fill it with milk regularly you can breed massive pumpkins.  That same method would probably work for a zucchini.

So I guess we will leave it to hang around the house for a few days and then toss it.  Apparently there is a tool out there that you can buy that spirals vegetables so you can use them as a low calorie replacement for pasta.  If I had that then we would have a nice big plate of zucchini spaghetti but I don't...too bad...because pasta free pasta dishes sound soooo good...This thing is way too big to eat anyway.  The seeds are probably the size of pumpkin seeds.


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