Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Boy Clothes

My brother is getting married this weekend (four days from now) and, not surprisingly, I am still trying to get our wardrobes together for the weekend.  I know what I'm wearing for the wedding down to the jewelry but not for the rehearsal dinner.  See...the actual rehearsal is at church but then the dinner is at an old lakeside Farmer's Union Camp converted to a restaurant...and it is going to be May but it looks like the weekend is going to be cold...ughhh just be warm!  I don't want to wear a blasted coat anywhere!  Then there is Ben's clothes...there aren't alot of cute wedding clothes for babies his age unless, of course, you want to spend quite a bit for a one time use outfit.  I ended up buying dress shoes at Payless (yes, I entered Payless...I make exceptions for kids dress shoes) and they are so cute.  He is wearing a white shirt, black pants, and this...

Hehe I am so proud of this thing!  I just made it this afternoon!  Of course, I found the pattern on Pinterest.  And for once, it looked like it would be really quick to sew and it really was.  It took about 1/2 hour to make.  I just need to add quickly stitch some elastic on which I hope my mom has in her stash because I don't want to go buy a few inches of elastic! 

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