Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ben's One Year Old Pictures

A few weeks ago I brough Ben to JC Penney to have his pictures taken.  It was a mediocre experience but I guess that is my fault for being so cheap.  I won't go into all the reasons it was not great (such as how I just got my CD today even though the shoot was two weeks ago when everyone knows you can make a cd instantly. I used to practically mass produce cds in my dorm room and even crappy Sears gave me a CD the same day!) but there are few nice pictures from the experience.   
I brought two shirts and the ones with the green striped shirt turned out good and the ones with the blue striped shirt turned out bad. 

Now we go downhill...

He was pretty unruly through the whole experience.  I went to a studio since I thought an assistant would be necessary for controlling him but the only assistant was me. 
These are some collages the photographer assembled.

I am kind of over the whole dappled background look. 

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Anonymous said...

RM: I like the one where he's twins!