Monday, April 8, 2013

Burned Out

Ahh, another weekend passed...and let me tell you it was one to remember.  The highlight was my figuring out that the bottom element in the oven had burned out while I was cooking something and we couldn't find the proper replacement in stores.  Justin ordered one online to be delivered Monday (it came this morning!) so that meant a weekend without frozen pizza...whaaaaat??

Yet, somehow we made it through...

Here are a few recent pictures that I thought were worth sharing.

Isn't he a cute kitten?

Mr. Static Hair.
Also, I just took note of the date and realized that yesterday I didn't even think of it but it would have been my Grandpa Harold's 89th birthday.  He died in March seven years ago.  It's crazy how fast the years have gone by but he is not forgotten. 

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