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My brother got married this weekend in Mayville, N.D.  It was a cold, gray, day without even a hint of green grass or new leaves that felt like March which probably wasn't what they had in mind when choosing May 4th for their wedding but that's what you can expect in N.D. I guess!  It is hard to believe that now my sister, brother and myself are all married and the "wedding" years are in the past for our family. 

It was a fun but hectic weekend with my parents old six bedroom house transitioning into a full on hotel (for people and dogs) starting on Thursday night.  The washing machine was running all weekend with loads of sheets and towels.  The driveway looked like a parking lot.  Well, more like a parking lot than usual anyway.  The rehearsal was on Friday night at a new restaurant and catering business that our neighbor Christine opened at their family's old camp on a small lake.  She recently retired after being a cook at our school for years and her talents go far beyond that questionable government issued cuisine.  They also serve special homemade wine! 

My sister took this picture of Ben at the rehearsal.  That aisle was to enticing for him to handle!  What an expanse to practice walking!

It was fun to get together with the cousins at the restaurant. 

Benjamin and Uncle "Dete".

Ben couldn't wait to get into his wedding ensemble!  I love a baby in black dress socks!
These next two photos are from the photographer's preview on Facebook.  I can't wait to see the rest.  We watched the set up and it is fun to see how the vision of the photographer comes through in the finished product. 

This one was not from the was taken on my phone.  First walk as married people!  I love the look of that pipe organ. 



Ben with his new tie!

Me and the baby!  He had a fun day because everyone who held him (well the women anyway) was wearing fun costume jewelry for him to yank on. 

My mom and her sisters. 

A nice three generation photo. 

This is my cousin Laura's daughter.  They have met before but we never got around to taking their picture together.  These pictures are really funny and a fine example of how a group photo of children of a diaper wearing age usually can turn to chaos in a matter of seconds!

Ben, Ben, settle down...

First dance.  I have no idea what that boy is doing.  The YMCA maybe?

Doing the dollar dance with my brother (shudder)...

Melanie doing the dollar dance.  Her line was so much longer than Pete's that a groomsman gave me a dollar to get back in his line to even it out!  Haha. 

Here are the newlyweds with their best and most treasured gift...a spoon rest shaped like a cat from their favorite feline nephew Allan. 
It was a fun night.  The bartender told my dad it was the most excessive wedding bar he has ever had and asked if he could keep the reciept as proof.  Now that is an accomplishment for a small town wedding!
Congratulations Peder and Melanie!

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