Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Stacking blocks is a skill that, according to the lists and books, babies and toddlers start to figure out around the age of one year.  There has been an big increase in block playing this past week by Ben and by Justin and I because, as everyone knows, blocks are fun!  He also likes to put them in various receptacles such as plastic cups and this shopping bag and a baby shoe box from payless that we have laying around.  Who needs toys?

By the way, thank you to whoever left that Turf mug in my car during NDSU homecoming last year! 

The kitten gets to join the fun too!  He loves to play with blocks!

He says, "Thank you, little human, for stacking blocks by my butt..."

Here is a funny photo from a trip to Target this morning.  There is a culture of "Sanctimommies" out there that have made themselves experts on safety when it comes to any form of transportation for children.  I just recently read a blog via Pinterest where a woman wrote a lenthy post about how setting the infant car seat in the front part of a cart is egregiously irresponsible and dangerous because your cart could tip over in the store.  She had no examples of this happening.  I have, in my thirty years of frequenting stores with carts, never seen a cart tip over in a store besides lone carts left in the parking lot during a bad wind storm.  I admit that when Ben still used it I put the seat there and the only reason I even had the idea is because I saw many other people doing it.  If everyone followed these high strung people and thier philosophies we would not be able to go out in public with babies.  And the answer to "how am I supposed to get anything done or go out in public?" is always to "babywear".  Well guess, what?  Some babies, such as mine, don't like being worn and hanging with a strap in their crotch or being wrapped in a sling.  I tried.  Also, I spent three years in law school walking around with a twenty pound backpack strapped to my body and that was enough.  Well anyway, I didn't mean for that to be some rant but please don't let any of those types of mothers see this picture!

Even I don't think this is safe but at least that seat belt offers some reassurance.  I made this trip a fast one.  I feel much more comfortable shopping with him in his stroller.  

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