Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Memories

After that April Foolishness I thought I should share some photos from Easter weekend.  It was a packed weekend and I, to my regret, took very few pictures.  On Saturday we had a shower for my future sister-in-law at my aunt's house and I can't believe I didn't' take any pictures.  It was a pretty big family gathering and I got my camera out to take pictures when Melanie opened a quilt from my grandpa but I had a bad angle and thought, "I will have her pose for a picture with it later!" and of course never did.  It brought me back to my Easter weekend bridal shower back in 2007.  Time flies. 
Here are the pictures I did take...
Ben being disinterested in his Easter basket from my mom.  The bag of candy was gummies for me!

Ben's cousin Adalyn.  It was their first official meeting.  Not surprisingly, he was oblivious.  The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed seeing her!

Here we are taking an after church photo.  It looks like Ben decided to smile for another camera!
I am always reminded of one of my favorite Easter mornings this time of year.  I was going to tell the story but I thought I had already told it and I searched my archives and here it is! 
I know you won't be surprised but it involves cats! 

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