Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ben's Second Haircut

This morning I caved and brought Ben to Cost Cutters to have his hair cut by a professional.  If you remember, we cut his cute baby curls at home about two months ago.  As it has grown out the uneven spots really show.  My brother's wedding is coming up and I also want to get his picture taken by a professional so I thought now would be a good time to get our mediocre work fixed. 
Wow, is that place ever a dead zone during the work day.  There were two stylists on duty and one had wet hair and was situating herself under the dryer.  It looked like she had fresh color in her hair.  I think they were dying each other's hair!  Sorry I interrupted ladies!  Oh well, Ben's cut only took about ten minutes. 
I thought most cheap, family oriented walk in salons had special novelty kids chairs that look like cars or planes or ponies with restraints for little wild ones.  I knew this would not be easy when the stylist put this board like booster over the arm rests of a regular chair.  There were no straps or anything.  Yikes.  First he straddled it and then I ended up holding him for the rest of the cut. 
Ooh, Ben, zebra looks good on you!  

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