Monday, April 29, 2013

My New "Hummel"

A few years ago when my cousin Kara turned 30 my mom and sister and I went to her birthday party and came up with the idea of giving her a gag gift in addition to a normal gift.  We used to get a Hummel Figurine from our grandmother every five years from ages 0-25 which means my cousins and siblings and I, boys included, all have five of these Hummels.  If you didn't know, they are collectible figurines depicting children doing wholesome things that originated in Germany.  They were based on the drawings of a nun named Maria Innocentia Hummel and became popular in the U.S. after solidiers in WWII started bringing them home as gifts for family members (Wikipedia). 

A more thorough background of Hummels in our family can be found in the original post:

In summary, we found a really bad and cheap figurine at a dollar stare and forged a M.I. Hummel signature on it and gave it to Kara to give everyone a laugh.  She had hinted that I would be getting my "30 year old" Hummel and yesterday it came! 

Oh my, how eleagant is this?  It almost matches the hand painted detail and artistry of the originals.  There is NO WAY this came from a dollar store! 

Although this is not news to anyone because it is all I have seen on Facebook and in the local news and all I have heard anyone talk about, it got nice out finally.  I can't wait for upcoming days of playing outside now that Ben can walk. 

Al doesn't know what he is missing!

I caught him mid knee looks like he is levitating!
Oh, and here is a patch of snow left from our five foot high pile from clearing the driveway...

Everyone join me in saying DIE!!!!!!  DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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