Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Ode to Bulbs

Last year, on March 10th, we brought Ben home from the hospital.  It was 70 degrees and when we were taking pictures with him in front of the house we noticed that the bulbs in the flower bed were sprouting through the dirt.  This year on March 10th those bulbs were not even thinking about popping through the dirt.  Tomorrow will be April 10th and they are coming up finally.  This morning they looked like this.  By the afternoon the snow had melted but I feel so bad for them, trying to grow in the cold. 
I have to admire you, bulbs of zones 3 and 4.  You always wake up when the strength of the sun signals you to sprout even though conditions might not be ideal.  And yet, you perservere through it all to bring those early flowers to us!  Snow and frost doesn't stop you! 

This is a picture of our Irises last spring.  They were robust and full of blooms.  We should have divided them last fall but it never happened so this year they will be out of control. 
Ugh, I am just desperate for some living vegetation.  I saw a Burpee seed catalogue at my parents' house awhile back and I was just drooling over that thing.  Did you know that there are purple tomatoes?  I need some of those!  I admit, I am jealous of some of the more temperate zones.  Justin and I were just discussing how fun it would be to have an orange tree.  That is not going to happen around here! 
Even the most simple landscaping needs some bulbs.  We just have the purple irises and some standard yellow and red tulips and also some hostas.  There are so many interesting bulbs out there that I wish we had room to add.  Like these...
Drumstick Allium
Allium.  I am drawn to flowers and plants that have circles like Hydrangeas.  These would really stand out!
Ice Cream Tulips.  I have never seen such a thing!

Pink Irises would be a fun alternative to the traditional blue/purple tones.

Very interesting zebra looking tulips...

Ok, back to the dormant, brown reality...

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