Monday, April 1, 2013

New Month

Hey guess what everyone?  Good news!  Ben has suddenly started voraciously eating solid foods!  He now lets me feed him wholesome foods like oatmeal and yogurt with a spoon.  He decided he doesn't want pre-packaged Gerber crap named "melt" or "puff" and instead wants filling and nutritious choices.  Oh, and he finally decided that he doesn't want bottles anymore and swills milk, water and juice from a sippy cup as well as a two year old. 

And guess what else?  I got several job offers this morning!  They all said that they don't care that I have several unexplained holes in my resume and a bunch of mediocre college internships for most of my prior experiences.  Wow! And I tried on my suits and they fit better than they did before I had Ben! 

And to top it all off Ben played quietly all morning while I was able to straighten up the house and display all of my favorite framed photos and decorations and he has left them alone.  Then he continued to play with various educational and age appropriate toys while I watched my favorite recorded TV shows without interruption. 

Then I put my clothes away and suddenly they all fit in my closet and dresser!  The hangers were no longer smashed together and the shelves were not stacked with mountains of clothes threatening to topple at any moment.  WHATTTT?

Then I was at the Y and a guy came up to me and said, "young lady aren't you supposed to be in class right now?  Do you go to Bismarck High or Century?"  Haha he thought I looked 18!

OK, enough nonsense...if you haven't figured it out yet APRIL FOOLS! 


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