Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skeptical Kitten

Poor Mr. Allan has adjusted very well this year to having a baby in the house after spending his first few years here in solitude with us all to himself.  Often, though, I catch him looking at Ben with a look of skepticism and irritation.  It's like he is thinking, "this person is so annoying, loud, and smelly!"  I try when I can to get pictures of it because I think it is really funny how an animal's face can show his feelings!  Poor kitten...he tries...
Yes, that is the strings for the blinds.  He loves them.  Don't worry...I know letting your kid play with tangled lengths of string is dangerous but he only plays on the couch like that with my close supervision.  I just don't understand the things he is drawn to!
This is a favorite of mine...he's just looks so annoyed!  And yes, he is on the table and no I don't approve of that.  The thing about our kitchen table is that it is not only the table for eating but also the first surface when you come in the door so half of it (the half he is sitting on) is like a magnet for piles and piles of crap.  During these winter days it not only gathers mail, my purse, sunglasses, shopping bags and keys but also gloves, scarves, hats, and Ben's car toys.  It is infuriating but I haven't been able to come up with a solution that would fit in the space available.  So Al is actually sitting on that end of the table and not the eating end.  I remove him if I catch him doing this (after taking pictures of course!).  
Allan, calm down...he just wants to read his "Little People Let's Go to the Farm" book with you!

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