Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Cats in the House

Baby Ben has decided that his favorite place to be around the house is standing on the couch backwards and looking out the window.  This is even better if he can play with the drawstring for the blinds.  Sometimes he will not stop fussing until he is standing on the couch backwards and he can, much to our dismay, clamber up there himself by grabbing handfuls of upholstery like a rock climber.  He also can take it a step further if he has a pillow or someone's legs to boost him and climb on the top and stand in the window. I can already envision the future of this furniture...run down, crappy, lumpy, and still in use because Ben and any future children will just ruin anything new that we buy.  Kind of like a certain set of dark brown furniture that was new in 1985 that my family had my whole life that my brother used to spend all day hurling himself over the armrest of while practicing diving after and catching a nerf football.  That end really creaked when you sat down. 
I took this yesterday but the same scene happens all the time, every day.  Allan is out of sorts because sitting on the back of the couch and staring out the window has always been HIS thing ever since he moved here. 
I found this photo in my 2009 files when he was just a little kitten!  He is so slim and small!

It makes me happy to think that he came from the shelter and never had a window before he came to our house.  A window should be a requirement in a cat home!


Growing up!
I guess they will have to learn to share!

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