Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God Made A Farmer

I thought I better write something about my Grandpa Glenn who died on January 26.  That "God Made A Farmer" Superbowl commercial stood out to me even more than it would have normally because a picture of Grandpa Glenn at any stage of his life could have been incorporated into that commercial seamlessly.  He posed with his birthday cake in work clothes while taking a break from harvesting on his August 12th birthday as a teenager and posed in front of a new tractor with a cane at 82 years old just last fall (the picture on the front of the funeral service bulletin).  He could spend hours and HOURS in machinery not even stopping to eat.  Don't worry, someone delivered food to him!  He died suddenly while playing in a pool tournament which is something he has always enjoyed.  When my dad was a kid he and a friend opened a pool hall to entertain themselves and everyone else during the winter months.  As everyone has been saying, it is good that he was doing something he liked!

This is the photo from the bulletin.  I took a picture of the picture so it isn't the greatest!

I found this picture that I think is neat.  It was taken by my mom it appears as my family arrived home after a long absence back in the years before my dad moved "home".  We only visited once or twice a year and our visit was during harvest so of course no one was sitting around waiting for us to show up!  We found my grandparents working on the way to the house.  I can just hear my grandpa telling my dad to get to the house to change and then get in that truck so he could kick my grandma out of that combine!

This is a photo from the weekend.  After church the family took the bouquets and plants and my parents brought this one from his pool team over to the bar where he enjoyed playing Bingo (and where some of his grandchildren and nieces and nephews might have been having a drink in his honor) and set it by the Bingo area and set a dabber next to it.  Very nice...

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