Monday, February 11, 2013


I heard over the weekend that Ben and Justin were spotted in the Bison Illustrated magazine!  Bison Illustrated is a magazine that is distributed for free around North Dakota and also can be mailed to you if you subscribe (but then it's not free!).  It mostly deals with sports.  There are other NDSU publications like the newspaper style alumnae mailing where I can read how people I graduated with are doing great and successful things and getting promoted while I have no career to speak of.  Maybe someday I will be in that thing.  There is also a more scholarly magazine with articles about interesting things professors and students are doing.  Justin and I also each get a publication from the departments we studied in.  Bison Illustrated is the most fun though! it is!  Ben's claim to fame! 
Isn't he photogenic?
My sister texted me this photo she took of the page in the magazine.  I am going to search Bismarck for a place where they give away Bison Illustrated.  First stop...Scheels! 

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