Friday, February 22, 2013

Miscellaneous PIctures I have Been Meaning to Share

I took this picture almost a month ago and I keep forgetting to share it.  It is a shot of the two brothers lounging on the floor in the living room!  Haha.  For Ben this state of rest was very temporary but I captured the moment!  
That ottoman has become or makeshift baby gate to block Ben from that corner of the room, which contains a floor lamp with shelves, two magazine holders, an end table, and a mountain of crap we throw back there to keep it away from him.  Haha what a mess!  He is getting pretty close to being able to climb it so we will see how long it lasts. 
Here are a few other miscellaneous pictures from the last month.

 Looking out the window with the kitten!  This is Ben's new favorite thing to do and it is something they enjoy together!

I hesitated to share this because my face looks fat but I decided to say "who cares" and show it anyway.  These paper mule deer antlers that Justin's co-worker gave him lasted about 1 minute before they were snatched off the head and ripped to pieces.  That was fun while it lasted...

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