Sunday, February 24, 2013

Awards Season

OK I am going to be honest...I watch award shows (Academy Awards, Grammys, SAG, etc.) but I think they are pretty boring.  The best part by far is looking at the fashions.  The music related shows are slightly more interesting because of the live performances and they seem a bit wackier (for example, that wacky Kanye West outburst a few years ago when Taylor Swift won best video).  Right now I am watching the Academy Awards and I am really yawning.  I am also annoyed that I haven't seen any of the movies.  Not to get all "Woe is Mom" but it's not easy to get to a movie with a baby.  I have been to a movie theater since Ben's birth to see a certain summer release about a male stripper but for some reason that movie has not been mentioned during tonight's show!  I wonder why?  I want to see most of them except "Amour", which is a french language film.  I won't even pretend that foreign films are something I am very interested in.  Also, I could pass on "Skyfall".  The James Bond movies don't really do much for me although if I started watching I'm sure I would stay engaged.  I am most intrigued by "Siver Linings Playbook" because I just finished reading it this weekend and I really enjoyed it.  It's about a guy trying to recover his life after a mental breakdown.  The characters are all quite likeable.  Also, they do quite a bit of tailgating in the book and I hope the movie stays true to the original story.  I also would like to see Les Miserable.  I like most musicals turned into movies. 

I missed the red carpet show because I forgot about it and I was watching something else but not hearing it because I was listening to Ben being crabby and yelling loud enough to drown out all other sounds.  I will have to check out all the best and worst dressed lists tomorrow.  One that stood out to me tonight was Nicole Kidman's dress.  Ms. Kidman herself kind of terrifies me.  I don't care if people use cosmetic surgery and other procedures to feel their best but her face looks completely frozen.  But I love that dress!  So extravagant!

The other thing I was watching instead of the red carpet show was the NFL Scouting Combine!  I don't know how I never watched this event before!  I thought the draft was a delight for the eyes but this is much better!  Lots of displays of physical prowess by young 22/23 year old college players wearing tight fitting work out clothes!  It's on again tomorrow.  Yesssss...

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