Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tubes Update

The tubes procedure went fine.  The waiting around and food and liquid deprivation ahead of time was more stressful for me that the actual surgery.  The worst part for Ben was the groggy period after waking up.  I hesitate to even call it surgery although he was under anesthesia.  Only one of us could be in the pre-op room so Justin went with him.  They just used a gas mask and not an IV so that was good.  I went into the recovery room to greet a very groggy and disoriented baby!  He cried and flailed for about ten minutes and we finally got him to drink a bottle of glucose water and he calmed down.  He fell asleep on the way home, slept while we ate lunch at Pizza Hut and then slept for almost two more hours.  Then he woke up and was his old self again.  I am glad he got the tubes.  The doctor said there was alot of thick fluid in his ears which could have been affecting his balance in addition to being a cesspool of bacteria.
I don't think is very tasteful to put up pictures of kids going through medical procedures (would you want pictures of yourself in a medical setting on the internet?) but we took a few of Ben in his hospital issue pajamas this morning while we were waiting for his turn.  There was quite a line up for tubes since the doctor only does them one day a week.  The Children's floor is very nice and this play area was spotless and filled with very nice toys including these amazine tractors!  My brother would have been in a frenzy over these when he was young!  
This one has "duals" in the back! 

And look at this...a pedal combine! Pedal toys are common but I have never seen a combine before! 
The same day surgery patients are usually given a small area partitioned by curtains but they were full when we got there so we got him ready in a in a regular room and he was able to crawl around for awhile.  He looks so innocent with no idea what is going to happen! 

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