Monday, February 4, 2013

More Animals Please!

Just like many people, I watched the Superbowl last night.  It was a pretty wild one, wasn't it?  The lights going out, the exciting I will probably remember.  I honestly hardly remember who played from year to year!  Watching the commercials was fun, as usual.  The ones I remember were later in the game so I guess they started out kind of mediocre.  My favorite, and based on what I have been seeing on Facebook, in articles, and on TV this morning, everyone else's favorite, was the "God Made a Farmer" Dodge Ram commercial.  I am not even going to link to it because I think everyone has seen or heard about it.  Even those, including myself, who don't prefer Dodge vehicles liked it. 

There were a few commercials with baby animals, such as the traditional Budweiser clydesdale commercial for this year.  So cute.  I also like the McDonalds commercial where the basketball coach hid his player's All-American jersey in a fast food bag to surprise him.  Cute.  And for some reason I have been craving some Bud Light and Doritos all day...where would I have seen those items?

All of the "best and worst" lists this morning made me think of my favorite Superbowl commercial of all time.  Truly, most of them are quickly forgotten or lose their impact after they get played regularly but I will always remember...CAT HERDING!

This commercial was for some now obsolete HP computer program or printer or something (I had to look up the year...2000!) and featured a wild west family of cowboys who specialized in herding cats.  So cute!  Hahaha!  HP needs to revisit this concept! 

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