Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I tried to get some cute photos of Ben is his hand me down Valentine's Day appropriate shirt but it was not easy getting him to be still for a photo so you can kind of see the the early afternoon he peed through his diaper so the shirt didn't make it through the day!   
Sharing the couch with his favorite kitten...

 There you can see the shirt! 
Earlier this week he wore this other shirt with hearts on it.  Not his favorite!  Haha...
We had a low key Valentine's Day.  I gave Justin a Sam's Club size bag of peanut M&M's.  I will try not to eat any...HA!  He gave me a replacement globe for my globe stand.  Ben broke the globe a while back and Justin glued it back together but it wasn't the same.  And we both bought each other the same card with two orange cats on it.  Oh, I got flowers too. 
I have to share this was on my phone and I remembered it when I was uploading the other picture.
I need to throw that box away but Allan loves it so it has been there for two weeks!  It's not a good hiding spot any longer!  You can see the wreckage surrounding him...I spy...a cat toy, a discarded pacifier, instructions for my electric toothbrush, an Easter basket, wipes...jeez what a mess! 

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