Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Try This Now!

I admit to being a Wal-Mart shopper for almost everything including groceries.  Well, not ALMOST everything because I do not buy clothes, shoes, or accessories there and probably never will.  But I have bought everything else, including picture frames, holiday stuff, cat litter, fabric and sewing supplies, makeup, sunscreen, well you get it because in America most people buy that and more there too.  And I admit almost all of our groceries come from there.  It is cheap.  It is noticeably cheaper to buy almost everything.  Regular items like cheese, pasta sauce, frozen pizzas, and tea can be almost $1 cheaper there and it adds up to a noticeable amount on a big haul and I have noticed a difference of $20 or $30 per trip.  Of course, as an educated person, I think about how Wal-Mart has caused the downfall of small businesses including the little Hardware Hank in my home town with its magical basement toy section (makes me sad just thinking about the creak of the floor and the bells on the door) and the many Ben Franklin stores around America that were filled with school supplies, toys and other fun goods that are now a remnant of the past.  I would like to buy local and try to but here in Bismarck, ND the choice is either Walmart, Target, or a few grocery store chains.  Here, especially in the dead of winter, there are no farmers markets brimming with organic locally grown produce or anything like that.  So, preferring to spent an extra $20.00 on formula, gas, some clearance clothes from Old Navy or countless other things I usually buy groceries at Walmart. 

Yesterday I was in Dan's, the very nice but more expensive grocery store chain that has many locations here and around Western ND, because I needed to go to the post office.  While waiting in line, I could see all the produce and noticed that, while alot of it was pretty costly compared to Walmart, there were several good deals on some of my favorites that were priced better than Walmart at the moment!  And I don't need to say that it looked very fresh and delicious compared to the often picked over shelves at Walmart.  I decided to buy a few things and that is when I discovered something wonderful...I had never heard of it before...Sumo Citrus!

This is a new citrus blend that just made it to the U.S. after being developed in Japan.  It is the combination of a mandarin and an orange and is large (with the peel it was softball sized) and has a loose peel that comes off with ease.  The sign said that it was the "sweetest citrus".  I was kind of hungry (you've heard the advice...don't shop for food when you're hungry!) so I bought one even though they were not in the Walmart price category at $2.50 per pound. When I was at the register it was $2.45 for one fruit. 

I ate it last night and wow was it delicious.  After the first bite I thought it was nothing special compared to a very good standard orange.  But the sweetness really built as I ate it and it was very juicy.  Everyone should try one of these! 

I looked at the website for Sumo Citrus and they are rare in the U.S. since they were developed in Japan. Last season they were mostly found at specialty stores on the west coast.  There is a farm in the U.S. that started growing them in California and the season lasts from February to May.  I can't believe they found their way to ND!  Everyone try one if you can! 

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