Saturday, February 18, 2012

Waaah whaaah...

I think people who I don't see very often probably check on here for baby news especially after I have been posting for several weeks about being dilated and having feelings that labor is imminent.  That picture is your "Waaah Waahh" know...the noise that plays in a comedic situation when something is a bust? 

That is me last night, 38 weeks along and getting impatient.  Blaaahhh...get this boy out of me!  See those pants?  I have a black pair and the grey pair shown and I wear them all the time around the house and to the YMCA.  This afternoon, since it is going to be near 50 degrees today, I might even wear them out in public.  I am so over all of my maternity clothes.  The jeans, especially, are getting unbearble.  They don't stay up and the panel ones are getting too small!  The panel just rolls down and bunches up and they pants then start falling down.  The non-panel ones just fall down all the time.  Most of my shirts are looking pretty tight too. 

On a different topic, while searching through the cable TV schedule this morning I came across a Bruce Springsteen concert that was shown as an HBO special back during the summer of 2000.  It was after Bruce and the E Street Band reunited and went on tour and this concert took place in New York City.  I remember it because it was one of the reasons I started really liking Bruce in addition to listening to my dad's greatest hits cd. 

At this time I was 17 and it was the summer before my senior year of high school and spent all day every day listening to the radio while I was lifeguarding.  I thought alot of the pop music that was played was pretty bad.  Britney Spears was at the height of her popularity and it had come out that when she performed live she didn't really sing but instead lip synched.  Her publicists explained that this was the case and the norm for pop stars because high energy dance performances were a big part of their popularity and they couldn't do both live. 

When this concert was recorded, Bruce Springsteen was 50 and was all over the stage, jumping around and playing instruments and dripping with sweat and I remember thinking, "If that 50 year old guy can do all that while singing, why can't a 20 year old?"  I still wonder!  Also, I can't believe I thought 50 was so old.  Now I am almost as close to being 50 as I am to being 10! 

Speaking of Britney, she has had a rough 11 years...



Now...Aye carumba...she has had two kids and had a nervous breakdown so I don't fault her for trying to rebuild her career but jeez...maybe some more age appropriate costumes would be a good idea!

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