Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bored and Annoyed

Tomorrow is March 1st, and here I sit...sigh...I know I shouldn't be annoyed that I have carried this baby to the fullest of full term but I am just getting so bored and uncomfortable.  I haven't left town for over a month, I haven't even needed to buy gas for my car since the 2nd to last weekend in January.  It is good to save money, but I don't know if I have ever been more bored in my life.  A house can only be so clean, you only need to grocery shop so many times each week.  I miss working and I wish I had worked for at least a month longer than I did at my old job and I am worried I will never find another one.  I could vomit every time I put on my maternity clothes and think it is the last time I will wear them (this time, anyway, although I don't know if I even want to wear these cheap pieces of crap through another pregnancy.  They are all poor quality and the garments I wear weekly are pilled and look faded and worn already) and before I know it another week has passed and I am washing them and wearing them again.  I think I am so annoyed by this endless pregnancy because at the beginning of the pregnancy I thought my due date was 2 weeks ago and I have thought it was almost time for the last month.  I don't really believe anything they say at the doctor's office anymore because nothing ever happens or changes. 

I was there today and had the same procedure done as I did last week and still nothing is happening.  I guess on the plus side, she did come to the appointment in scrubs from the hospital across the street.  I said it looked like she was having a busy morning and she said that the labor and delivery floor was full and most of them were new arrivals not leaving today so I probably would not have had the normal accomodations anyway (different floor, perhaps).  This same thing happened to me when I had appendicitis when I was 23 and had to be on the pediatric floor of the hospital because the other floors were full! 

I guess the barometric pressure thing applies to everyone else but it looks like there will be no leap year birthday in this family.  I thought it would have been kind of fun and unique but it would have also been kind of annoying to have only had your 2nd birthday when you are eight years old and so forth.  Buy I am so sick of being pregnant that I wouldn't have cared if it happened today.  Actually, I wanted it to happen today.  I wouldn't have cared if I had to give birth in a triage room. 

We have an induction scheduled for March 7 and I think I might just lose my mind if I have to wait for that day.  I really don't want to resort to that anyway because it seems like many people who get induced have a miserable and long labor. 

Justin's co-workers gave us a Pack and Play (the modern version of a play pen).  It is a multi-functional item that can be used as a portable crib.  It has attachments that make it into a changing table and a little hammock type thing for sleeping. 

Yes, that is Biggest Loser on the TV in the background.  It looks like someone lost 11 pounds this week.  I better be losing about that much weight very fast and very soon...

Inevitably, Allan was drawn to the napping seat.

Eyes getting heavy...

Awww...nap time...

Poor kitten, he loves all the baby stuff and we have had a closed door policy with that room. 

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