Monday, February 20, 2012

Finished Project

Remember when I made this hat a few months ago?  It was a project I saw on Pinterest...oh, fascinating Pinterest...

It was really easy to make even though it entailed making a lining which is kind of intimidating!

The original blogger that shared the tutorial also had a tutorial for a matching blanket.  I had planned to make both (they are made from old flannel shirts) and even bought shirts and backing material but I never got around to making the blanket...until now!

The link is the original version. 

This is my version.  The tutorial used strips but I had mangled the first shirt when cutting the had and I didn't feel like piecing together strips from little peices of fabric so I resorted to the very easy and familiar squares!  I can do squares with my eyes closed!  It is pretty cute, I think.  Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the plaids are not perfectly straight.  The problem was that the small plaid patterned shirt was quite a bit larger (I think it was a XXL compared to the other shirt which was a L) and of much higher quality than the large plaid.  The flannel was thicker and almost wooly feeling on the small plaid and very threadbare on the large plaid.  The large plaid was very off-kilter when I cut it and I couldn't get as many squares out of it.  Also, I sewed this thing together very fast (probably spent a few hours total between cutting and sewing and quilting).  The quilting is minimal because there is no middle layer of batting to hold together.  All together, it is a very half-a$$ed piece of work even for my standards!  I wanted to get it done though and since it is just for my own use (or my son's use, I should say) I dodn't really care that it isn't perfect. 

No baby yet!

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