Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, yesterday was Valentine's Day and I have been so distracted with the obvious that I actually forgot about it until I realized it was the 13th and people were starting to talk about their plans for the 14th on Facebook.  Holy crap, I thought!  Not that I am a huge Valentine's person, but we do have one Valentine decoration that I could have set out.  It is a cheap red placemat with hearts on it. We went out for lunch at our usual Chinese restaurant.  Then I went to Target and bought a hand held manual pump (you know what for!) and Justin went back to work.  He brought home these flowers after work...   

I love the orange color!  Quite unique as opposed to the usual pink, red and white!  It would be fun to be a florist!  I'm sure wedding season is chaotic, but being around those flowers all day would be wonderful. 

Valentine's Day was always fun as a kid in elementary school.  I loved making the Valentine boxes for the class party and distributing cards.  There was always a "everyone gets cards from everyone" rule so there was no drama about people being left out.  And who didn't like getting out of some afternoon class time for a little party? 

I had a doctor's appointment and have nothing new to report...38 weeks...whoo hoo...afterwards I went and bought some pineapple.  Maybe if I believe in the power of pineapple it's effects will really manifest!  On that note, our newest newphew is being born today!  The c-section was sheduled for 9 a.m. this morning so he could be here already but I haven't heard the news yet!  I am waiting anxiously! 

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