Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birth Stones

On the mom confession board that I was talking about two days ago, one woman said that she hoped her baby would be born in March because she hates the birthstone for February, which is the amethyst. 
The March birthstone is the aquamarine.

Now, this baby is a boy so chances are he won't care about his birthstone.  However, I kind of care in a fun way.  I would not be opposed to wearing my kids' birthstones as jewelry as long as it wasn't anything over the top that screams "I am a mommy!  My kids are my life!"  like this, for example...

Sorry that is off center.  I copied and pasted the image from a website and it apparently has a big expanse of white space on the left.  Anyway, that is an example of a way that I wouldn't wear my childrens' birth stones. 

Having an April birthday, mine is the diamond.  Most women would say, "you are lucky!" but when I was a kid and cheap birthstone rings from our town's only gift shop were a popular gifts for friends (along with Wet 'n Wild makeup and plastic Caboodle cosmetic cases) I always kind of wished mine was colored.  I had many friends with August birthdays and the light green color of the peridot kind of grew on me.  There were so many girls I knew with August birthdays that I am surprised that little store could keep the green adjustable-banded rings in stock! My sister's was the deep red garnet of January and my mom shunned the pink June gemstone, the alexandrite, for the traditional June stone of the pearl.  I don't know why some months have two stones but several have a gemstone and also another precious stone (March also has the bloodstone, a green rock that looks like jade with red flecks in it!)  I really like the blue toned stones such as the saphhire and, yes, the aquamarine.  My favorite is probably the turquoise tanzanite of December.  That stone is so "me"! 

So I guess I don't really care.  I like the February amethyst but I really like the aquamarine.  Two more days until the aquamarine!

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Anonymous said...

When I was little I hated the peridot but now I love it!