Friday, February 3, 2012

A Pinterest Project

I saw this on Pinterest awhile ago and I thought it was a good idea for a baby or kid's room...

Pinned Image

Those are metal planters...the kind that you would have that fake moss stuffed in to contain the plants.  I went on the hunt for some of them yesterday because I want a place to store stuffed toys where they will still be visible since babies can't have plush toys in cribs because of suffocation hazzards.  Also, our cat seems to think any plush toy is for him and wants to wrestle with them on the floor and bite on them so I want them to be out of his reach when not in use. 

I wasn't sure if this would be a successful search because it is the depth of winter right now and hardware stores don't have their garden items fully displayed yet.  Lowes actually did have lawn furniture and grills and other yard related items out in the seasonal area already but they didn't have any planters like this that were flat on the back except for a huge trough shaped window box that I thought was too big. 

Menards didn't have any in the main store so I broke into the garden center which showed no signs of civilization and found some employees and they were happy to help and I found what I was looking for!  The items they were stocking weren't even priced yet, because who buys garden and yard stuff on February 2nd around here?  No one!  They checked the price for me which was very nice and I left with what I came for! 

Check back for photos when this actually gets done...

Speaking of safety precautions...I saw this on a car seat at the store awhile ago...

It is hard to read but it says that this booster seat is for children 40-100 lbs.  100 lbs??  When I weighed 100 pounds, I think I was in 6th grade, had been driving a riding lawn mower and four wheeler for several years, and was only a few months from getting behind the wheel myself on the farm for the first time that summer. (I was 12 and this was and still is a typical occurrence on farms in America.  Judge if you want but there was always alot of supervision and if I was driving at that age one of my parents or my grandpa was in the vehicle or following close behind me or I was following them at a slow speed because they were driving a loaded truck, pulling a heavy water tank, or creeping along in a huge peice of farm machinery).  And I was far from the smallest girl in my class.  I was probably one of the taller and heavier girls in my class actually.  If anyone tried to get me to strap into a car seat I would have said "huh?"  I can't imagine heading to a 6th grade birthday party and there being controversy about driving us girls to the waterpark or the nail salon or wherever it might have been because there wasn't enough room for all our car seats in my friends' parents vehicles.  I don't think car seats are a joke or something to be cavalier about and I know there is good research behind these recommendations but for a child on the brink of being a teenager I think a carseat is ridiculous.  Who knows how outlandish these rules will be by the time my kids are in middle school?  At least I won't have to worry about this for years.  And a boy would probably reach 100 lbs. before that time.  At least a boy related to me will!  There aren't alot of fine boned small guys in either of our families!  I will just enjoy my time with our little rear facing seat that I can carry around with me! 

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