Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, no baby labor yet...nothing yet...sigh...

This evening we went to Scheels and visited the NDSU championship trophy.  There were some marketing people there to take photos and they gave away some free posters. 

There were photos with me included but they were truly so bad that I couldn't let them be shown.  I usually have a sense of humor about bad pictures of myself and do not hide from a camera but these were really bad.  I just look very overweight as opposed to pregnant because I am wearing a men's Bison shirt and my face looks so fat you can't tell where my chin ends and my neck starts.  Also, I forgot to mention the other day that I have contracted a cold and my eyes are very puffy and feel allergyish today.  There isn't enough make-up in the world....  Ugh I can't wait to drop some of this weight! 

So another weekend is here with no baby.  There is also supposed to be a winter storm this weekend.  It has been a strange winter here in ND and here it is, almost March, and this is the first potential storm of the year.  Last year there had been about 10 winter storms by this date.  When I found out I would be due this time of year I imagined snow drifts to the roof of the house and assumed the weather would be bad whenever the baby decided to come.  None of that has come to pass!  UNTIL NOW!  My sister texted me tonight that I couldn't have the baby this weekend because she couldn't come because of the weather.  Then she mentioned that my brother-in-law told her that when spring calving season comes cows have a tendency to give birth during blizzards. 

Yeah...that idyllic spring scene starts in the unstable months of March and April.  It is awhile before those cute little families are out frolicking in the grass!  I have never been involved with calving or lambing or any kind of livestock birthing season but I know it is exhausting and usually someone has to stay up all night with them in case of late night complications.  With large herds there can be multiple babies every day and you have to make sure the mothers are in shelter when the time comes so the baby doesn't die from the cold.  Not only is it sad to lose one, but also very costly since a cow can be sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the quality and breeding. 

So the point would be weird but I guess not surprising if I went into labor this weekend during a blizzard!  Good thing we only live about 20 blocks from the hospital!

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