Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Days as an "Only Child/Kitten"

My poor kitten seems to know something is up but I don't think he has any idea how big that something is!  I don't really worry about how he will act since he is friendly with everyone who comes to the house, unlike the typical cat stereotype where people would expect him to hide under the bed whenever someone new comes around.  I have noticed that the classified ads are full of people looking for people to take their pets because "they had a baby and don't have time to give them the attention the deserve".   I also see alot of "my baby is allergic" ads.  I am not worried about the attention thing because he doesn't need that much anyway. He sleeps all the time.  He is sleeping on the couch right across from me right now.  I think a dog requiring walks and exercise would be more of a challenge in this area.  Of course, the allergy issue can't be helped but I really hope that it doesn't apply to us.  Neither Justin or I are allergic to animals or anything else and our siblings aren't either.  I know they can develop later in life (my mom had this happen after years of living allergy free) but for now I hope we can continue to be an allergy-free house.

I certainly do not believe in any of the old wives talkes associated with cats such as the nonsense that they steal the breathe from sleeping babies.  I didn't do any research, but it probably dates back to the times when cats were associated with witchcraft and also could come from the tendency that cats have to snuggle up to people and animals.  If anyone in modern times is uneducated enough to believe that an animal would intentionally suffocate a baby based on human emotions like jealousy or some crazy superstition I feel bad for them.  I do know that we are not going to give Allan crib and unsupervised nursery access.  That's just common sense!  There is actually a tent-like net that you can buy to keep animals (probably specifically cats, since I don't think dogs can jump high enough to launch themselves into a crib!) out of cribs but it is not very cute so we are going to rely on shutting the door for now!

Anyway, I am sure everything will work out fine because I know many people who grew up with pets in the house but I still worry a little bit,  mostly about the allergy aspect. 
I would sure hate to see the guy anywhere else, even if it was a good home.  This is his home! 

 And he is very happy here...

 Here is a nice treat for everyone...get a load of that load!

This is an unflattering angle, I know.  I didn't realize what I looked like sitting down because I only see myself in mirrors and photos standing up.  I hope this will be over soon because this morning at my weekly appointment my doctor stripped my membranes.  I am not going to describe it here (another thing you can look up if you are curious!) but it is a way to induce labor without medication.  I trying not to get very excited because she said it has a 50% success rate.  If it works, though, it usually starts labor within 24 hours.  YIKES! 

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