Monday, February 13, 2012

My Best Little Helper

Whenever I do anything my buddy Allan is by my side and usually he is getting in the way.  I usually give him time to do his thing and get in my business for a few minutes until he gets bored and does something else.  This morning I decided to assemble this baby swing that has been sitting in its box for months because now the baby's arrival is imminent and I think they can use these swings when they are pretty small.  The assembly was quite easy and didn't even require any tools.  I knew Al would want to check it out and I was right...

Then the inevitable happened...

Those owls are attached by a little peice of velcro so they didn't stay on very long.  I need to flip that arching piece around so the owls will face the baby since they are for they baby to enjoy and not for me! 

Here are some more little owls in the room...

This weekend was a big event at NDSU!  I am referring to Little I, a big 4-H type agriculture show that is orchestrated by a large club on campus.  It is a historical event that has been going for years although NDSU's academic programs have expanded in many directions since it was known as North Dakota Agricultural College.  It is a big production with many events, alumni activities, and even royalty.  The students involved spend months preparing.  I think I have shown these photos before but not since 2010 so I am going to show them again! 

Yes, that is me out there!  I went to this even for the first time my Freshman year and didn't miss one during my four years in undergrad.  I grew up on a farm but not the kind of farm with animals.  Also, 4-H wasn't huge in my county so I was never involved in that either.  The first time, I went to watch my friend in my dorm in the show and I always was kind of intrigued because everyone seemed to be having so much fun even though it was hard work and you had to work with farm animals (and you know they don't smell good!)  Also, (although not my main concern) you got academic credit for participating.

I finally went for it my senior year, after working as a seamstress at the theater for two years.  I felt confident in my sewing ability so I signed up for the Lamb Lead, which entails sewing a garment from wool and learning and demonstrating knowledge of the wool industry.  Also, you have to show a lamb (they are actually full sized sheep that are under the age of 1.  Her head was about the height of my waist) that you have sewn a blanket for that showcases the organzation that sponsors you.  The good part of the Lamb Lead for a beginner like me was that you didn't have to actually prepare the animal just used one that one of the serious showers had spent weeks grooming and bathing and working with.  This was good because I had no idea what I was doing! 

There I am before heading to my interview with the judges (prior to the actual show).  I love that coat and I heard that a long time Little I spectator from my area (an older rancher type guy who had been attending for years) thought it was the nicest garment there.  I didn't win, probably because I had no idea what I was doing with that lamb and the other contestants were experienced with showing, 4-H and also sewing.  I didn't care was alot of fun and one of those things that is a challenge that makes you feel confident about your abilities.  I have never been intimidated to try another sewing related tecnique sinces then.  Also, everyone involved with Little I is so nice and fun.  There is a dance afterwards followed by parties that go all night.  On Sunday morning (in the present!) I woke up for probably the 3rd or 4th time that night at 5:30 a.m. and realized that I wouldn't even have been home yet on Little I night back in college!  Where did those days go?!

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