Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flower Towers

The flower towers are planted.  The idea came from a Lowe's commercial and corresponding tutorial video which can be found online.  So far, they don't look as nice as the ones in the videos although I know patience is necessary for this sort of thing.  I am just waiting for those petunia plants to get established and take off.  All of the new plants really need some heat more than anything else (as in temperatures in the 80s and 90s) but that isn't happening this week.  Also, it has rained so much that I moved them to shelter last night because they are so saturated I am afraid they will drown or get root rot.  Also, petunias need so pruning to make them fill out and not be long skinny vines with flowers at the ends.  I hate to start cutting them if they aren't fully established. 

It rained all night last night and I was horrified to see this when I went outside this morning...

The rain completely washed out the top layers of soil and those poor plants are just hanging there all limp and sad looking...I hope this project can be salvaged...
If you need a laugh after seeing those depressing plants check this out...this is how I found Ben after he passed out for his nap yesterday. 

We put the bumper back on a few months ago now that he is a toddler.  We thought it would help to avoid situations like this.  It is only a matter of time before it because a "jump out of the crib" aid.  That is one milestone I am not looking forward to!

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