Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day #2

Yesterday, as all American's know, was Mother's Day.  It was my second Mother's Day, which is hard to believe.  It feels like I was just a little elementary school girl in Sunday school, singing in church on Mother's Day and then filing through the pews to give my mom a carnation.  Or, if like my family, you had more than one kid, one sibling gave your mom a carnation and then whoever was left was instructed to give it to a grandmother, female relative or other woman in the congregation who didn't have their family with them in church.  Now that I think back, as the oldest of three, I think I was usually the one who branched out and found an older woman to pass of my flower to.  It was probably usually one of my grandma's church pew friends.

Throughout my teenage and college years, and continuing today, I never knew and still don't really know what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  When my classmates said with certainty "nursing" or "elementary education" or "accounting", I could never commit to a major area of study as a senior high school and hoped that at a large state university with hundreds of major and minor and emphasis combinations that I would find the magic fit.  Then I made the mistake many indecisive liberal arts type people make and tried law school mostly because it was something people actually took seriously and respected as opposed to some vague liberal arts degree.  When asked in high school guidance couselor class sessions the answer to "where do you see yourself in ten years" was always vague and included making enough money to have an enjoyable life, having a job that I liked even though I didn't know what that was, and without fail, the vision included kids of my own.  I never wanted to only be a mom but that was always part of my future.  It was the only thing I couldn't imagine not being in my future.  So, I guess I have achieved the one thing I always knew I wanted and now I get to celebrate Mother's day,   even though I find it to be a rather manufactured day of card and gift marketing.  I can't imagine how much money Americans spend on cards in the week before Mother's day. 

And in the spirit of Mother's Day,  we have an announcement to make!  If you are reading this than you most likely already know, but here it is anyway...

Ben is going to be a brother in November of 2013! 

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