Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rummage Sale Opening Weekend

I know there have been rummage sales already this spring but this weekend is my first weekend where I am available to participate in the fun so for me it is the kick off weekend.  YEAAHHH!!!  Ben and I were out first thing Friday morning.  I saw a rummage sale in a development in Northern Bismarck that had some interesting items on the list.  The item I was specifically interested in was a dissapointment but I didn find this...

This Little Tykes car was calling our name!  I forgot the stroller so I placed him in there and pulled him around while I checked out the other merchandise.  He loves it.  I have pushed him around the block in it several times and he holds onto the wheel like he is driving.  The floor is removeable so he can move it with his feet when he gets bigger. 
This morning we went to a neighborhood sale.  There were seventeen (or something like that) sales in one development.  Justin's co-worker lives there.  When it comes to rummage sales, as many of you know, you have to be there early to get anything good and everything good I have ever found has been when I was there right away when the sale started.  Well, unless you count the weird and obsolete items that only certain people would like such as old decorations and wall hangings.  If you are there an hour or two after it opens it is barely worth looking at the kids clothes.  I have seen people buy every decent garment on a table in a certain size and leave nothing but the mediocre pieces. 
Here is an example of a weird item that probably would not interest most people that I bought today...
It is a vintage tomato pin cushion.   I love these things!  Sewing related merchandise always catches my eye.  I also love unique globes, old piano sheet music, and the elusive piece of Fiestaware.  No one sells Fiestaware at a garage sale!
This afternoon Justin cleaned the garage.  My aunt gave Ben this swing awhiel ago so we hung it in the garage and he sat in there, very content, for almost an hour while we worked on projects. 
Looks fun to me! 
We bought a few plants but haven't planted any yet.  Of course, today it is cold and barely out of the fifties.  Tomorrow will be more summery again so hopefully we will fill in the missing plants.  The greenhouses we visited do not seem to have their full inventory  due to the delay in the planting season.  I want some moss roses and cannot find them anywhere!  Also, we are going to steal some soil from the farm next weekend.  It would cost a fortune to fill these pots with dirt.  The soil from last year was a few years old and needed to be dumped out. 
We are going to need alot of soil because we are going to make one of these...
A flower tower!  We bought the wire fence and the landscaping tarp today.  This one looks freshly planted.  An extablished one should look like this...
We shall see how it works! 

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