Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy 30th Justin!

His birthday was actually on the 26th but who has time for the Internet during a long weekend?  Well, I guess I had plenty of time to scroll through Facebook on my phone but that's about it...

By the time we woke up on Sunday morning the transition had been made since he was born in the middle of the night.  Here is a pretty early baby photo of him which looks mediocre because I just took a picture of the frame with my phone and I couldn't get it to take without a glare or reflection. 

Look at the little baby...
Here is a under 21 college favorite from my scan collection...almost ten years ago! 
Ben gave Dada a Twin's t-shirt.  He picked it out all by himself.  He is so thoughful!  He also got a NDSU Fargodome panorama framed poster. 
It was an uneventful day.  We returned home to find our lawn, which hadn't been mowed yet this year because Justin wasn't home last week and I, although perfectly capable of mowing a lawn, can't really get it done with Ben in the house, so unruly that our yard must have been the visual blight of the block.  I am going to post this picture even though I look "not pregnant just fat" bad so you can see how long it was. 

It was up to my shins in the back yard. It took all day to get it under control. Oh well, someone (cough Justin) dumped twenty pounds of fertilizer on it a few weeks ago so it's not really a surprise that it is growing out of control.  It sure looks green! 

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