Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who Needs Toys?

This week the weather has finally taken a turn for the average so I have been getting Ben outdoors on a regular basis.  As of now, "regular basis" means today and yesterday but so far it has been great.  He loves to be out there.  I knew he would.  Last summer, when he was an infant, a walk around the yard or the deck was a certain way to distract from fussiness.  It still works!  It sure is nice to spend time outside.  Since we don't really have an established outside routine yet, I have just been grabbing an assortment of acceptable toys when we go out.  Usually I take a ball and a truck.  Well, not surprisingly, he could care less about the toys.  Today he discovered the best...thing...ever...it was sooooo neat...the river stones for the landscaping! 

I had my camera outside and planned to take some pictures in the evening sun since today he is fourteen months old.  Too bad he would not look up at me for one half a second because he was so obsessed with these rocks. 

Yes, buddy, I've seen those before...

He carried them around and made little piles. 

I thought that weathered fence would make a nice backdrop.  Too bad he wouldn't stay anywhere near it because he preferred to crawl around on a bed of rocks. 

Oh crap...those teeth are only a few month old!


He's also been wearing his warm weather pajamas. 

At fourteen months, he is getting better about eating.  I have discovered that maybe I was not giving him enough credit where food is concerned.  By that, I mean I have been giving him things that are too bland and cut too small.  Last night, I was eating an apple.  Normally, I slice it and then take one slice and cut it into bite sized pieces for him.  Before I could stop him, he grabbed a whole slice and started knawing on it like it was corn on the cob.  Sure enough, it was fine and he ate most of it including the skin.  I only had to take it away when it got so thin that big choking hazard sized pieces were coming off.  Tonight, I made some baked enchiladas for dinner and set aside some plain shredded chicken before I mixed the rest with salsa and seasoning.  He turned away from the plain chicken.  On a whim, I gave him some of the spicy chicken and he started chowing down.  Imagine that...the kid likes food with flavor!  I don't know why this surprised me.  Who would like bland and unseasoned chicken?  His favorites are bananas, toast, and dry cereal.  After a visit with his Nana he discovered Cinnamon Toast Crunch and also he loves peanut butter Cheerios.  But his FAVORITE is probably still milk...from a bottle...with me or Justin holding the bottle...like a baby...
I wish I could say he talks more than he does.  What he does do is constantly make this weird whispering/hissing noise.  It sounds like "ptssssss" or something.  It makes me laugh just to think about how odd it is!  His next favorite thing to say is "dat!" while pointing at something.  I think he is asking "what's that?"  Usually, there is so much crap laying around that I have to guess about what it is that he is pointing at. 

He is getting good at walking.  He can stand himself up from the floor without having something like the furniture to pull up on.  I love his staggering run/walk! 

Here is a picture from early May of last year when he was two months old and just beginning to be interesting in staring at dangling objects!  Haha...and I could leave him laying on the floor and would know he wouldn't move more that a few inches!

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Anonymous said...

Rm, love the pictures of B! He's so cute!! I wish we lived in the same town so we could hang out and force B & H to be friends!